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Here at Pipe Solutions, we are a St. Louis plumbing company that offers multiple plumbing services, including drain cleaning, rooter, pipe lining, and water heater services. We know that you need a St. Louis company that will do it all, instead of going back and forth between limited services that other businesses offer. You need one reliable company that provides everything at a reasonable price. Pipe Solutions can be that company for you. With the most advanced pipe technology and extensive experience, we have the solution to every one of your plumbing needs. Call to find out all the fantastic services we offer for St. Louis homes and businesses.

Our Skilled Commercial & Residential Plumbers

As a premier plumbing company, we know that the quality of our services depends on the abilities of who performs them, that's why we are dedicated to employing only the best plumbers in the area. We're sure to have your residential and commercial pipes handled by experienced and professional individuals who have proven their commitment to serving our St. Louis customers. Our plumbers are confident in completing remarkable services for you, whether it be pipe lining, water heater services, or more. Let us be your go-to plumbing company.

Pipe Lining & Sealing Services

Pipe lining is a specific process in order to fix cracked, broken, or leaking pipes. It's where a flexible tube that is coated with resin is pushed or pulled into the broken pipe and then inflated. The resin causes the inside tube to harden, creating a new useable pipe within the old broken one. This way, you can stop leaks and other troublesome issues without having to replace your St. Louis pipes. We also offer simpler options, such as our sealing services, if the pipe isn't heavily damaged. Call us to see if your St. Louis property would benefit from our pipe lining services.

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Emergency Plumbing Services for Those in St. Louis

We understand that some days, everything can go wrong, and you may need emergency plumbing services for your St. Louis home or business. Our plumbers accommodate your needs in a fast and efficient manner. Not only do we have quick arrival times to your St. Louis property, but we work out a scheduled timeframe that is convenient for you. We take the weight of this burden off your shoulders onto ours. The experts at Pipe Solutions will have your pipes up and running in no time. Remember, in an emergency; we are your solution.

Plumber unclogging a tub drain with an electric auger.

Rooter & Drain Cleaning Services in St. Louis

When you need rooter and drain cleaning services, who are you going to trust with your St. Louis pipes? Pipe Solutions has everything you need for incredible drain cleaning services that clear away debris so you won't have to worry about issues like clogs. Rooter services are crucial because they can affect the operation of your plumbing by removing roots and debris that often lead to backups. All of these can lead to more damage to your pipes —and wallet— down the road if you don't schedule drain cleaning and rooter services every few years.

Water Heater Services in St. Louis

It's essential to make sure that your water heater is running correctly to avoid potential future issues. Complications with your water heater can become invasive very quickly. It's one of those things that you don't realize how much you use it until it's broken. Our team helps you before your water heater encounters a problem with preventative care and is there if your unit runs into issues with repairs or replacement. Here at Pipe Solutions, we offer exceptional water heater services for residential and commercial properties in St. Louis so that you can live comfortably.

automatic sprinkler system watering the lawn on a background of green grass, close-up

St. Louis Sprinkler System Services

On top of being a prosperous St. Louis plumbing company, we offer top notch sprinkler system services. Make us your one stop shop for all things sprinkler to keep your property's system running smoothly. Our sprinkler system services are carried out by communicative and personable employees that respect your St. Louis home or business and your concerns. They take the time to explain what exactly they are going to be doing, and they give you the full price upfront so that unexpected fees won't blindside you.


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