Damaged Pipes of the gas boiler building, pipe for water piping system, became rusty on the wall.

Commercial Water Line Services in St. Louis, MO: Water Line Repair, Installation, Replacement, Inspection & Cleaning Services

Pipe Solutions knows how important water is to your St. Louis commercial space. We have a full range of water line and pipe service offerings to ensure that your business’s water stays on. We can perform any water line installations or replacements that your St. Louis business requires. From water line repair and maintenance to descaling, lining, and inspection services, we have you covered. Call, text, or email today for a free estimate or to schedule a service visit in the St. Louis area.

Commercial Water Line Installation & Replacement

We offer water line installation and replacement services from licensed, certified plumbers throughout the St. Louis area. Whether you’re installing new pipes to a construction project or are in need of water line replacements, we can perform the water pipe services you require. We will conduct a scope inspection once we finish installation and dispose of your discarded equipment if you’re replacing your water lines. Additionally, we offer free estimates to the St. Louis area.

Commercial Water Line and Pipe Services in St. Louis

We can perform all the water line and pipe services your St. Louis business requires. If you’re just looking for maintenance, or if you aren’t sure what is causing an issue, we can perform video scope inspection to see inside your pipes. We are also here for any cleaning or descaling service your business’s pipes may need. If you want to keep your pipes operating efficiently, we also offer pipe epoxy lining to protect your water lines and fix any minor cracks or leaks.

St. Louis Business Water Lateral and Water Line Repair

In St. Louis, business space owners are responsible for their own water laterals. Water laterals connect your home to the city water main, so they are essential to your business’s water flow. If you’re a food service company or restaurant, we also offer emergency water line repairs, in case your business can’t operate without running water. Licensed, certified plumbers perform our St. Louis repairs, so you can count on any water line or pipe services that Pipe Solutions performs. They fully understand the requirements for commercial systems and are here to help.

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Here at Pipe Solutions, we are an honest and reliable plumbing, pipe lining, and irrigation company, serving the St. Louis, MO. area since 1989. Our specialists at Pipe Solutions are experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of pipe repair, maintenance, and installation. So, let our hardworking team tackle any plumbing and water management tasks in your residential or commercial property.

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