Pipe leakage due to water pressure.

Water Lateral Repair Services in St. Louis, MO: Residential & Commercial Water Lateral Repair Contractor

Your water lateral connects the St. Louis water system to your home. If your lateral is damaged or leaking, you’re likely to experience major water flow issues. Luckily for your, Pipe Solutions offers water lateral pipe repair services to both commercial and residential spaces. Our plumbers are highly trained and are licensed and certified to perform lateral water repairs in St. Louis. We offer free estimates to St. Louis homes and businesses, so contact us today to speak to a representative or schedule services.

Water Lateral Pipe Repair in St. Louis

St. Louis home and business owners are responsible for water laterals from the building to the water main on the street. If you are experiencing issues with either your sewer or water lateral, we can perform an inspection to get to the root of the problem, and then our water lateral pipe repair service can fix the issue. We can clear blockages from roots, grease, or sediment and fix broken or leaky pipes. We can also perform the recommended yearly maintenance to your lateral lines and offer free water line service estimates to St. Louis.

St. Louis Commercial and Residential Water Lateral Repair

Our water line services are available to both commercial and residential buildings in St. Louis. If your home or business space is experiencing issues with its water line, our plumbers can fix the problem efficiently at an affordable rate. They understand the different codes and specifications of commercial and residential locations, so you can trust them to meet the requirements of your system. If your system is experiencing slow draining, sewage smells, or you notice wet ground in your yard, the issue may be with your laterals.

Licensed, Certified Water Line Services in St. Louis

Our services are performed by licensed, certified water line service technicians and plumbers. They are experts in their fields and stay up to date on all the most recent products and practices in order to bring St. Louis industry current services. If you aren’t sure that lateral water repairs are necessary, they can perform inspections and offer advice and recommendations to fit your needs. They will also offer you a free estimate before beginning any water line services.

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